Child Protection Policy

Protecting children from abuse is a responsibility that we must all undertake. Through the implementation of strategies that assist in preventing child abuse from occurring, Marton Soccer Club has taken a pro-active role in relation to child protection and intervention. These strategies will help foster a safe and positive environment for children and young people to participate in physical activities.
Information contained in this document will create a framework and provide direction for staff, officials, coaches, volunteers, members and parents of children and young people involved in Marton Soccer Club. It will help deliver a consistent approach to child abuse prevention at all levels of the sport.
Marton Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children are maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by Marton Soccer Club. As an organisation Marton Soccer Club aims to promote a safe environment for all children and to assist all staff, officials coaches, members and volunteers to recognise child abuse and neglect and follow the appropriate notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.
Through the development of this policy Marton Soccer Club objectives are to:
1. provide information to assist staff and volunteers in dealing with all forms of child abuse
2. provide comprehensive guidelines relating to risk minimisation and reporting/notification procedures
3. provide direction to all staff and volunteers regarding their legal responsibilities under child protection legislation
4. promote and adopt Marton Soccer Club principles for child protection and intervention amongst staff volunteers, coaches, members and parents of children participating in the organisation’s programs and competitions.
The Child Protection Intervention Policy of Marton Soccer Club is applicable to all management and staff (paid, voluntary, permanent or casual) of Marton Soccer Club.
In order to implement the child protection legislation Marton Soccer Club will undertake to:
1. implement strategies and procedures that focus on the best interests of children and meet the requirements of child protection legislation
2. promote a safe and supportive environment for all children and young people participating in activities which come under the umbrella of Marton Soccer Club
3. increase awareness and emphasise the importance of child protection issues in a sporting environment to all those involved with the activities of Marton Soccer Club. This includes administrators, coaches, officials, athletes, parents and their children.
4. Ensure that all staff of Marton Soccer Club are aware of their responsibilities arising from recent child protection legislation, in particular, the requirement under the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998, to inform their employers if they have been convicted of a serious sex offence.

Administrators, coaches, officials, members and volunteers often have a high level of contact with children in the sporting environment and play a major part in the successful operation of sporting activities.
Coaches and officials are often seen as role models. They have a significant influence on the children they come into contact with and therefore have significant responsibilities.
Marton Soccer Club expects that all administrators, coaches and officials whether paid or unpaid, who participate in organised sport under the banner of this organisation will commit to implementing risk management strategies developed by Marton Soccer Club for child protection and intervention.
Marton Soccer Club Child Protection and Intervention Policy and Guidelines will be reviewed annually and updated in line with any legislative changes that have significant impact on the manner in which child protection and intervention issues are to be dealt with.
Marton Soccer Club acknowledges that issues regarding child abuse and the reporting of allegations of child abuse is highly sensitive, and should be dealt with in a confidential manner.
Marton Soccer Club has developed these notification procedures to ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout the process and that consistent procedures for reporting are encouraged.
Marton Soccer Club will be pro-active in its role to protect children and encourage an open environment that allows employees and members to be aware of their rights and responsibilities within the organisation.
To deal appropriately with these issues and to ensure that the confidentiality of all parties involved is maintained, one person within Marton Soccer Club will be designated as the child protection officer.
The child protection officer is responsible for reporting any allegations of child abuse that arise within the Marton Soccer Club to the local branch of the Department of Community Services, and the NSW Police. If the child protection officer is not available then the most senior person with Marton Soccer Club should be notified.
Child Protection Officer: 
Name and contact details to be made available to all members at the start of each season.
Some incidents may seem minor, however, they may in fact reveal more serious concerns of misconduct or a pattern of behaviour that requires further scrutiny. All people associated with Marton Soccer Club should be aware of the indicators for child abuse and sexual abuse so that they may make an informed decision on what to report.
If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child participating in any organised activities conducted by Marton Soccer Club is a risk report the matter to the child protection Officer.
Verbal notification of alleged child abuse must be followed up in writing within 24 hours to the local Department of Community Services using the child protection notification form provided.
If an incident of child abuse occurs in Marton Soccer Club it is NOT the responsibility of persons within Marton Soccer Club to take it upon themselves to determine whether the allegation is true or false. This responsibility belongs to the NSW Department of Community Service and the Judiciary.
Depending on the nature of the allegations and the extent of the situation, the NSW Department of Community Services will determine the manner in which the matter will be investigated. This may involve the NSW Police.
All matters regarding allegations of child abuse are to be treated as confidential. The person designated as the child protection officer is the contact person for any incident involving allegations of child abuse. This is essential for confidentiality. Confidentiality protects all individuals involved:
· the alleged victim
· the alleged offender, and 
· the person making the notification.
Under the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998 Marton Soccer Club is required to:
1. notify the Commission for Children and Young People of the name and other identifying details of any employee against whom relevant disciplinary proceedings have been completed by Marton Soccer Club irrespective of the findings (except where the allegation has been proven to be vexatious, mischievous or false)
2. provide details of child abuse allegations/convictions against employees to the Commission
3. notify the Commission of any applicants for child-related employment, rejected as a result of risks identified through employment screening processes
4. ensure that records of all information required to be submitted to the Commission of Children and Young People are retained by Marton Soccer Club.
Under the Child protection (Prohibited Employment)Act 1998 Marton Soccer Club
1. will not commence employing a person in a child-related position without first requiring them to disclose whether or not they are a ‘prohibited person’
2. will not commence employing, or continue to employ, in child related employment, a person that has been identified as a ‘prohibited person’

Life Membership Policy

(Issued 26.5.03)

Any member of Marton Soccer Club may nominate another member for life membership. Such a nomination must be properly seconded.

Life membership is determined solely by the Committee of Marton Soccer Club. A nomination for life membership requires the agreement of at least five of the:

  • President
  • Vice President (Seniors)
  • Vice President (Juniors)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Senior Registrar
  • Junior Registrar

If any of the above executive mentioned above is vacant, then the consensus required would be two fewer than the total number of this group plus three other Committee people.

The sole criterion for conferring Life Membership to non-playres will be a minimum of five years distinguished service to Marton Soccer Club in any capacity as judged by the committee.

Life membership might also be conferred for twenty years of playing soccer for Marton Soccer Club.

Grading and Registration Policy

Why are we grading players?
The primary reason for grading players is to identify individuals of differing skill levels and encourage them to play in a challenging but enjoyable environment to enhance and encourage their football development.
This means young players are playing in an environment that is intellectually and physically stimulating through education and competition.
Remember, the player’s enjoyment playing football comes above all else.
It is Marton FC’s Policy is to strive to provide every registered player the opportunity to play soccer.
The number of players that may be registered within each team is set within the rules of the game, which includes the number of players permitted on the field plus reserves.
For junior soccer within the Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) the rules include unlimited interchange, which allows all players within a team to take part in the game.
In regards to junior teams it is the experience of Marton FC that the number of reserves should be limited to 3, with a larger number permitted only if the coach and majority of parents agree to do so.
Once the number of players registered for a particular age group exceed these maximums the committee will endeavour to form additional teams.
As the number of teams is driven by the number of registrations, there may be occasions where the numbers are unfavourable.
In such instances players may be asked to play in different teams or age groups to ensure that every one gets a game. In every case the committee will strive to ensure everyone gets a game with declining a registration considered only as a last resort. From the U6’s and up to and including U16’s, any age group which has sufficient players to form more than one team, will be graded with team members being selected by a grading committee in accordance with our registration & grading procedures.
Grading Trials Grading trials are held after registration day with groups of players assessed by the grading committee. All players will wear a numbered armband, to be provided by the club on the day.
The initial Grading trails will be conduct using the Marton FC Grading Committee. The aim of the grading committee is to select graded teams of players with a similar level of skills and ability. This process includes input by the previous season’s coaches and if available the coach for the new season.
For the Competition Age Groups, from U12s to U16s, where there are more than 1 team, then a second grading trial will be held utilising an independent Grading Committee from another club at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
Assigned Team Grading Once teams are formed, Marton FC will apply to the SSFA to register that team with a requested grading. The final decision regarding the grading of a team within the Sutherland competition is made by the SSFA.
Grading Guidelines

1. The numbers of players in each team will be restricted to the numbers of players permitted to take the field plus two reserves for U6 - U8 & three reserves for U9. The number of players in a team can only be increased at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

2. Grading days will be held for all teams if there is sufficient numbers to make up more than one team with reserves. In the event there is too many players for a team but not sufficient numbers to make up another, registrations will be accepted on the following basis:

  • a. Previous year’s players will be given priority whenever possible.
  • b. Players returning to the club will then be considered.
  • c. New players to the club will fill any remaining spots.
  • d. Performance of the players during the grading day selection process.

3. Players unable or unwilling to Grade will be allocated to a team at the discretion of the Grading Committee and Executive Committee.

4. Grading days will not be held for age groups with only one team.

5. Players cannot be considered for grading until they have paid their Registration fees.

6. The Executive Committee will have the final word on all matters relating to registrations and grading and has the discretion to make decisions outside these guidelines.

New Players are more than welcome at the club and the Committee will try, as always, to give everyone who wants to play, a game of soccer.

Injury Reporting Procedure


Marton Soccer Club carries insurance on behalf of players and officials as part of the registration process through the Sutherland Shire Junior Soccer Football Association. This insurance provides cover in the general areas of medical expenses, accident support and public liability.

We need the help of all Ground Control, Coaches and Managers to ensure that all injuries are reported correctly and promptly, even if they do not seem serious at the time. Failure to inform the necessary parties may result in the insurers denying future claims.

The following procedure is to be followed in the event of an injury occurring during a match or training session:


1.The Coach / Manager are to advise the Committee ground control person on duty that there has been an injury.

2.It is the responsibility of the Coach / Manager to submit the accident form, available from Ground Control (small white form). Ideally with the match report - or direct to the association at Bates Drive no later than 72 hours after the accident. This applies to both home and away games.

3.The Coach / Manager is also to provide details to the Club Secretary of any injuries whether home or away. A book is located on the clubhouse notice board for the Coach / Manager to record details of such injures, both at home and away.

4.The Club Secretary will provide an accident claim form for the injured player (large 4 page blue and white form)

5.Within 30 days of the injury the completed claim form MUST be returned to the Secretary to sign, who in turn will submit to the association.

6.Any queries regarding the procedure or claims may be directed to the Marton Club Secretary.

Failure to adhere to the above procedure may prevent the acceptance of any claim by the Association or the insurance company. 

It is incumbent on all club officials to ensure that the system works, and timely communication is the key. As with all insurance there are excesses and conditions such that not all costs will be met, but it must be reported correctly to enable any claim to proceed.

If in doubt about an injury report it anyway. 

Secretary of Marton Soccer Club

Junior Players Policy

(Issued 24.2.03)
Time on the field
It is the policy of the Marton Soccer Club that ALL junior players up and including U13’s shall be treated with an even hand, irrespective of ability. This extends to the time each player spends both on and off the field throughout each competition game.
SSJSFA rules permit Coaches to make unlimited interchanges. Marton Soccer Club requires Coaches to utilise this unlimited interchange system to ensure all players present participate in each game. This provides a fair and equitable distribution of playing time for each player, with the intention of having ALL players leaving the game feeling they have made a significant contribution. Pre arranged systems whereby players are either rostered off for a half or full game are not permitted. The committee will make an exception to this requirement where the team player numbers exceed that allowed to be placed on the match day card.
For competition teams, the make up of the team during the semi finals etc is at the Coaches’ discretion. However, it should be remembered that achieving a semi final position is a result of a team effort and ALL players deserve a chance to experience the atmosphere of the final series. The club therefore expects each registered player present at a match to take the field.
In the case of Under 14’s and above, the club acknowledges that these age groups can be expected to be more competitive in their approach to the game. As such the make up of the team during important games is at the Coaches discretion. However again the club expects that each registered player present at a match to take the field.
Selection of Coaches
In the selection of Coaches for Junior teams, preference will be given to parents of players within the team who have achieved a Level 1 coaching course.
The club will also support any coach who wishes to undertake a Level 1 course, by paying the associated costs.