Hi Coaches,



We added a few screengrabs below to lead you through an example of the first U6-U9 session and each session is set up in the same way.


If you visit the site through your smartphone, it will ask if you want to add a shortcut to your home screen, I find this useful as it means I am not carrying a book around with me and it is always easily accessible.


There are 4 stages of development, we would highly encourage you all to use this resource, no matter how experienced you may be, to teach the kids how to play and enhance their enjoyment of the game.


There is 14 sessions for 6-9 coaches and 12 sessions for the 10-13 and 13-17 (that’s almost a season of training sessions without having to really think).


We have been around football a long time and what we learnt when we were kids is not really applicable today (we used to play with 5 forwards and on a full size field @ 9 years old!!!)


This is the program that we should be using to ensure the kids that you coach enjoy their football, i.e. it shouldn’t be about results, so what is it about? encouraging the kids to take into the game each week what has been taught at training!


Cheers guys, if you need any assistance give us a yell


Sini & Rohan.


Sample U06 Session:

Click on the age group your team falls into, then click on the first session, in this instance it is the 1V1 for the U6-U9 (Discovery Phase)

This screen will appear, click on “1 V 1 session 1”.

This then brings up the beginning practice (blue/white tabs on the top left) for that session and also has some progression steps if the practice seems a little easy for your group.


You would then move onto the middle practice (blue/white tabs on the top left) as above.


And then the end practice, which is usually some form of match based practice, using what they have learnt in that session.

And that’s it, there’s your first training session plan complete.